Musik vor 1600 - Hatzikiriakos-Alexandros-Maria
Dr. Alexandros Maria Hatzikiriakos
(Università di Verona)


Alexandros Maria Hatzikiriakos accomplished a PhD in Musicology at the University of Rome “Sapienza” in 2017 with a dissertation about the Chansonnier du Roi (ca1260). He read papers in Athens, Rome (GATM2010), Certaldo (MEDREN2013), Sheffield (MEDREN20016), Vancouver (AMS2016), Prague (MEDREN2017). His main interests concern medieval and renaissance literature and romance philology, vernacular song, materiality of music, reception and historiography of medieval and renaissance music. He currently holds a post-doc position in Musicology at the University of Verona, working on a project about Italian music in the Cretan Renaissance.

Vorträge von Alexandros Maria Hatzikiriakos in dieser Reihe:
  1. Sound and Identity in the Cretan Renaissance
    (26. Juni 2019)