Musik vor 1600 - Hild_Elaine
Dr. Elaine Hild
(Institut für Musikforschung, Universität Würzburg)


Elaine Hild is a member of the editorial staff of Corpus monodicum (Universität Würzburg). Her research on medieval notation has been supported by grants from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst and the Fulbright Foundation. Dr. Hild holds degrees from the University of Colorado at Boulder and the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Vorträge von Elaine Hild in dieser Reihe:
  1. The notation of Office hymn melodies prior to the mid-eleventh century: Observing the mechanics of oral transmission, as evidenced in manuscripts from Sankt Gallen
    (13. Juni 2014)

Elaine Hild