Musik vor 1600 - 240621_Pellerano
21. Juni 2024, 18:00 Uhr
Deanna Pellerano M. A.
(Institut für Kunstgeschichte und Musikwissenschaft der JGU Mainz)

Mouton and Marignano: War and the Music of Jean Mouton

During the early Italian wars from 1494–1515, French chapel singers often accompanied their patrons to war and participated in both routine devotion and triumphal celebrations. Polyphonic music that arose in these contexts has been sporadically preserved. Among this repertoire, no composer is better represented as a wartime composer of the French chapel than Jean Mouton, whose presence in the battle entourage of 1515 was attested in a letter from music copyist Jean Michel. This presentation looks closely at Mouton’s experiences and musical output in response to war and attempts to understand how his works, in particular the victory motet »Exalta regina Galliae« and the elevation motet »O salutaris hostia«, can be understood as wartime music. This analysis compares these works to a wide range of written and visual sources with military themes, which illustrate how these works would have been received within the broader milieu of wartime works surrounding the court of Francis I.